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Marching Orders

Photo Credit: Dawn Armfield

This past week I received my “orders.” I’m going to be sent to the Midwest. Now a Florida boy in the Midwest will be interesting especially in dealing with driving in snow but I’m up for the challenge!

I’m ecstatic for the three weeks I will spend in Cleveland where I will oversee my efforts and advertising strategy as an Account Exec and will manage it on site with an apartment, office, food and war room included. That will be my first test of executing a real campaign.  I’m confident and excited to see my region. After all traveling the Midwest and being in amazing cities like Cleveland, Milwaukee and Chicago is going to be the chance of a lifetime.

By the end of this semester my skill set will have improved tremendously and I can’t wait to see where this road takes me. After all when we are stuck with a fork in the road we have to make a choice but also need to consider all the options of each one, pick the best one and never look back.

As a rookie in the job force I have learned a bunch,  but will always keep going forward and create more memorable experiences to add to the record books. After all whatever challenge we face, we have to believe in ourselves to make it better. First stop…Ames, Iowa.


If you Ain’t First Your Last

Yesterday I received a text in the morning saying to be at work in 15 minutes. I was a bit confused but got ready very quickly and got a ride with some other employees.We were briefed on a situation which could be a PR nightmare and our team was in charge of crisis management.

I kicked into serious mode not letting the situation get to myself or the others and we complied all the facts and research,wrote the reports and had a response ready for the media.Coming into this job I was a little concerned about how I would deal with crisis management but was very proud of how I handled it.

I think that during a crisis it is essential to have a plan of who to contact, what you need to find out and then what documentation needs to be drafted. Also its all about the facts and you cannot under any circumstance make assumptions you just have to roll with the punches.

In the case studies I have read the groups that struggle with crisis management the most are those that don’t act quickly enough. When we found out the situation we were in the office about 2 hours later and that’s even on a holiday weekend. I feel that companies still to this day don’t see how important it is to jump on top a situation because when the media makes speculations and you don’t have the facts to back your statements up you lose credibility and when you lose credibility you lose consumers.

It was a very serious reminder of that fact that if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck,then its a duck and in this situation the first one to find the duck is the one that is in the clear. In any PR Crisis your plan of attack will allow you to handle any situation and be ready for the next nightmare cause sadly its bound to happen,especially when you least expect it !

Graduation Day +17

Good old fashioned Cap toss

So about two weeks ago I walked across that stage in cap and gown and received my diploma conferring my college degree. I already know whats next in my life which is a job waiting for me in Indianapolis. However, what about all those grads who don’t know whats next? There grad day +17 is completely different.

Now is when they send out the resumes and try to get  interviews. Amongst all the resumes and other people interviewing how do you make yourself stand out as a brand new college grad? After all most grads only have internships but there are ways you can make yourself stand out more and get a good entry level job.

Some of the most common mistakes are spelling and grammar errors, not researching the company at all or enoug

h and not being able to communicate effectively.

In order to land that first  job you need to be assertive, confident and personable to the interviewer for example by saying you can multitask and give an example. People want to make sure you are an asset to there company and can pull your own weight.

Not to mention that you need to form a network of professionals you will be able to find out what is happening locally. The best way to find jobs is to get involved in the local professional  advertising and public relations groups and clubs.

The three most important aspects employers look for are passion, dedication and a person who can work well with others. All these tips and pointers have come from professionals that are in the field. Overall you have to prove you have the skills and ideas to take your employers company to the next level!

Just make sure you don’t let the + graduation time go to waste and find a job that will allow you to grow, learn and be a fun while tough challenge!

A True Fiasco

Mainstream music as a whole has become something without meaning, caring and instills bad values in kids. However, a somewhat mainstream rapper Lupe Fiasco took a different and in my opinion, favorable route in his new album Lasers.

His song Words I Never Said, deals with politics, media and society as a whole. It calls out monopolies, news stations and Islam. His message in this song is unique and its not only unusual but refreshing to see a rapper who actually cares about this world instead of taking about parties and girls .

The music video is a bit dramatic but fits great with the lyrics and really makes you think about different topics. He is actually Islamic and calls out terrorist organizations as well.

In my opinion some of the lyrics are a bit over the top but most of them hit home and make you realize how important it is to speak up than to not speak at all! Especially when he talks about his problem, which is that he is peaceful and that he believes in the people.  He also instills the belief  that silence is worse than all the violence.

This song is lyrically amazing and does call out some serious problems that are taking place in our world today. The most important part to remember is that its all our responsibility to speak our mind. With his new CD Lasers he makes his opinions known and accepts who he is and he made sure his music has meaning behind each and every word. So do you think he went over the edge or made complete sense?

Play it and they will come

Donovan and Calipari on College Gameday

Its 5:43 am and I’m outside of the O’Connell Center getting ready for the UF v. Kentucky basketball game. Next to me are kids watching star wars and on the other side kids are sleeping but the truth us we are all dedicated fans.

Being out here has shown me one thing, people will do anything to support their team! A kid that I was talking to said he missed a 9 am final last semester but he was here at 4 am for a basketball game. I then asked myself why support a team and wake up this early to stand in line for hours?

I realized its cause a team is part of us, we cheer and scream for them because they inspire us to be better, test our faith in trying times, but most of all they show us that dedication and hard work pay off.  As I sit with the other students waiting outside in the cold there is a feeling of yes we can do it , we can win and that’s what I love about college basketball.

On any day someone can prove that even though they may not be ranked or a favorite when playing against the best they can still win because they have the heart and willingness to outplay the other team.

I also realized that we are an enormous part of a team, we truly are the 6th man. As fans we support them, love them, believe in them and inspire them to be the best and beat the best! Its 1 minute till game time, the lights are off, this place is bouncing, everyone is jumping and ready to go… let’s do this!