A Store on the Go

 Credit to Online Media Daily

Credit to Online Media Daily

Is mobile shopping a thing of the future? Wal-Mart and P&G beleve it could be! They recently teamed up to promote online and mobile shopping. These mobile stores are driving around New York City for the next month. You can now order a product from one of these mobile stores without even leaving for a Wal-Mart and its delivered to you free of charge.  This battles some of the issues larger companies have when starting branches in densely populated cities.

The mobile store features popular products such as paper towels, shampoo and dog food.  There are also QR codes on the vehicle to allow you to order from Wal-Mart as you walk down the street. Wal-Mart believes this will  increase the sale of  products online to better compete with Amazon.The vehicle even has a twitter page allowing followers to request a vehicle to come to their neighborhood.  To read more about the mobile store click here.

After all in a city like New York this will grab the attention of many and Wal-Mart will get their name out to the public even more through the reach of social media and online purchases within the next month. However, the question is will this be a quick fad that will eventually die out or could this be the start to the future where companies are mobile and sell people things as they are on the go?


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