Just a click away

As we all know facebook has continued to reign the social media world. Marketers have continued to utilize facebook ads to promote there business and get traffic to the website. However, is it really working to break through the ad clutter and connect consumers with your brand?

A recent study done by the Associated Press and CNBC has shown that 83% of facebook users never or  hardly ever click on the ads. There is also evidence that consumers do connect with brands however that does not mean they click on the ads or go to the brands website. The most difficult area to gauge is that some brands use facebook ads to drive them to another site or page but others hope to generate conversations. This study has also shown that people love to roam throughout facebook and are not as likely to leave facebook to visit a brand site. To view the specific results of the study view this page http://bit.ly/KHojc8.

I have utilized facebook ads for my company to promote our new subsidiaries however the success depended on the demographic and it still was not as successful as I would have hoped. I would encourage brands that are interested in facebook ads to utilize pages and possibly utilize ads to get people to the facebook page. This allows consumers to stay in the realm of facebook but they still can like the page and view it often.

After all its up to the consumer to click on the ad or like the page. Our goal as advertising professionals is to come up with words and images to gain there attention to click on the ad! However, I believe brands should not rely heavily on facebook ads and they need to find a way to measure the success of facebook ads. For now it seems like it may just be one to many clicks.


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