The Pitch: A fastball or foul ball

AMC has created a new program called “The Pitch” which details the life of advertising professionals and shows your everyday person the behind the scenes view of an advertising firm. The firms review the creative brief and put together a campign for a certian product and then pitch there concept to the company seven days after recieving the brief.

This show truly informs people about the blood sweat and tears that go into an idea. The fact is that ideas are always out there however that one idea, that one thought will put you on top of the competition because its something the other agency did not think of at all. In order to win you put everything on the line, it all comes down to the execution of the pitch and the client’s thoughts on the concept.

This show is also unique because it gives people insight about the world of advertising and how challenging it can be. The Ad world is one that gives you the highest of highs and lowest of lows but that is what makes it so exhilarating! Each day in an ad firm is a different task, a different client and a different challenge. I think this show does an awesome job of showing people the life of an advertising professional.  Every advertising professional should want to be to be part of an agency that pushes the envelope and has that one idea that stands out and changes the view of the agency and even the industry. After all its a way of life and its one that I enjoy tremendously!


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