Kia Kraze

Kia has been trying to actively promote its car company and make it a larger part the automotive industry. It now uses NBA star Blake Griffin to promote its new 2012 Optima. However, even though its ads are noticeable are they hitting home with consumers? Its dancing hamsters have been unique ads that people have enjoyed and loved. Not to mention that the hamsters have only been around for about  a year or two…so why this leap to a NBA Star which almost didn’t even have a season?

I believe they stand out yet is it surpassing the hamster concept? We all know that logos, concepts and ads need to change to continue to peak consumers interest but is this really the best way Kia could have gone about it? In my opinion the commercials are too much and Kia should have created a campaign based off comedy but this new campaign could be altered to relate more to everyday problems and how you overcome them, if they were even going to completely change the concept. After all there customers are simple, younger, urban and multi-culturally diverse people so I understand what they are trying to accomplish by revamping there advertising. Only time will tell if this campaign is a bust or a craze that even the hamsters didn’t see coming!


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