The Road


The winding road of life -GoogleImages

Being on the ground was a wide variety of experiences some good, some bad some just unsure of how to label them but overall I  learned a wide variety of lessons. The road is a true test of your character.

I’ve dealt with Public Relations nightmares, worked with people of all ages, and have given them feedback on there operations. I  have learned that every branch is different. Every single one has some problem and how you address it in the few days you have there and work with management to improve it is what makes you learn. After all I believe you learn from your experiences and how you handle them and manage them allows you to learn more. I learned that no matter what business is business and you can’t take anything personal.  People will always judge you however you need to work with them to build rapport and allow them to work with you.

I believe that time management in the professional world is one that also takes time to learn. No matter what, you need to give yourself time to not think about work and keep yourself mentally stable and not burnt out. After all when you travel and are on the road its very difficult. You always are working but you need that time to relax and talk with family and friends. 7 months into the real world this is what I’ve learned and so much more!


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