My sidekick

Credit to PSD Graphics

I recently assisted in planning an event for about 700 people this past weekend. The event went very well for my first event planning experience. However, here are some tools that will help keep you and I  ahead of the game. These tools are stowed away in our toolbox, our briefcase.

Business cards are essential. This past weekend I brought business cards but left some in the room and ended up running out of them till I returned to the room that night and grabbed more for the morning. Its very important to have them in your briefcase and also in your wallet. Also have a business card binder, this will allow you to keep the cards you receive organized. After all you never know who you will meet or who you may need to call.

You also need a notepad where you write down everything that takes place in meetings. A professional should want to make sure this notepad is always with you. Again you never know what idea may pop into your head. Its also essential to reference your notes because it may have vital information that can assist you tremendously. This even means a pocket notepad to keep in the car because clients may call you and it may be tough to multitask so just write it down! Make sure to also have more than one pen because they are prone to run out of ink at the worst times.

You need your confidence, willingness to learn and optimism. This will allow you to think quickly and effectively when your put into a situation. Your briefcase is your tool box to help you succeed not hide behind! So give your sidekick support after all he is your right hand man in every battle!


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