Marching Orders

Photo Credit: Dawn Armfield

This past week I received my “orders.” I’m going to be sent to the Midwest. Now a Florida boy in the Midwest will be interesting especially in dealing with driving in snow but I’m up for the challenge!

I’m ecstatic for the three weeks I will spend in Cleveland where I will oversee my efforts and advertising strategy as an Account Exec and will manage it on site with an apartment, office, food and war room included. That will be my first test of executing a real campaign.  I’m confident and excited to see my region. After all traveling the Midwest and being in amazing cities like Cleveland, Milwaukee and Chicago is going to be the chance of a lifetime.

By the end of this semester my skill set will have improved tremendously and I can’t wait to see where this road takes me. After all when we are stuck with a fork in the road we have to make a choice but also need to consider all the options of each one, pick the best one and never look back.

As a rookie in the job force I have learned a bunch,  but will always keep going forward and create more memorable experiences to add to the record books. After all whatever challenge we face, we have to believe in ourselves to make it better. First stop…Ames, Iowa.


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