If you Ain’t First Your Last

Yesterday I received a text in the morning saying to be at work in 15 minutes. I was a bit confused but got ready very quickly and got a ride with some other employees.We were briefed on a situation which could be a PR nightmare and our team was in charge of crisis management.

I kicked into serious mode not letting the situation get to myself or the others and we complied all the facts and research,wrote the reports and had a response ready for the media.Coming into this job I was a little concerned about how I would deal with crisis management but was very proud of how I handled it.

I think that during a crisis it is essential to have a plan of who to contact, what you need to find out and then what documentation needs to be drafted. Also its all about the facts and you cannot under any circumstance make assumptions you just have to roll with the punches.

In the case studies I have read the groups that struggle with crisis management the most are those that don’t act quickly enough. When we found out the situation we were in the office about 2 hours later and that’s even on a holiday weekend. I feel that companies still to this day don’t see how important it is to jump on top a situation because when the media makes speculations and you don’t have the facts to back your statements up you lose credibility and when you lose credibility you lose consumers.

It was a very serious reminder of that fact that if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck,then its a duck and in this situation the first one to find the duck is the one that is in the clear. In any PR Crisis your plan of attack will allow you to handle any situation and be ready for the next nightmare cause sadly its bound to happen,especially when you least expect it !


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