Lessons from a Legend

This past week I spoke to a man named Dr. Dirghalli, he is an 84 year old retired minster, yet he still is such an influential person. He is the face of our organization and is the spirit that drives it. You might ask how and why is this person so influential?

His knowledge is incomprehensible and his personality is filled with love. He is a man that brings out the best around him because he knows how great a man can be. In talking with him I laughed and smiled and learned so much. He even talks about men who I have never known but only have heard the name or seen a picture, yet his stories sound like you are right there.

However, during these past few days he has taught me an important lesson, that we are not created to be individuals,but we are created to be in a community. To help each other and  learn from each other. When you think about it we all depend on those around us in good moments and in sad moments but I never really put the two together till earlier this week. Other lessons included giving yourself some down time and enjoying everything life has to offer.

I truly hope I am as or nearly successful and am that influential to those around me. Today in the society we live in is tainted, but if people come together, we are a force that will shake this world, spin it upside down and create something we have only dreamed about!

Photo by Chris Kirkeby

Photo by Chris Kirkeby



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