Chapter 3 The Real World

I started a new chapter of my life today in an office in Indianapolis. I saw the pages turning but have finally made it to this point. I’m learning and trying to keep up but this real world thing is so different compared to college. My apartment is all set up and the guys I live with are the guys I see in the office which leads to jokes and laughs. I have meet many people and have even become an Honorary Kentucky Colonel. I have come up with some wonderful promotional ideas and met a living legend. The one thing I have learned so far is that your selling and personality skills will ultimately lead you to success. Even the greatest people on this earth sometimes just  need a break and some relaxation, so make sure to enjoy the stressful side of a job but to  go and find a place that screams freedom!  So far so good…who knows what is next, but for now I’m learning and loving it!


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