Graduation Day +17

Good old fashioned Cap toss

So about two weeks ago I walked across that stage in cap and gown and received my diploma conferring my college degree. I already know whats next in my life which is a job waiting for me in Indianapolis. However, what about all those grads who don’t know whats next? There grad day +17 is completely different.

Now is when they send out the resumes and try to get  interviews. Amongst all the resumes and other people interviewing how do you make yourself stand out as a brand new college grad? After all most grads only have internships but there are ways you can make yourself stand out more and get a good entry level job.

Some of the most common mistakes are spelling and grammar errors, not researching the company at all or enoug

h and not being able to communicate effectively.

In order to land that first  job you need to be assertive, confident and personable to the interviewer for example by saying you can multitask and give an example. People want to make sure you are an asset to there company and can pull your own weight.

Not to mention that you need to form a network of professionals you will be able to find out what is happening locally. The best way to find jobs is to get involved in the local professional  advertising and public relations groups and clubs.

The three most important aspects employers look for are passion, dedication and a person who can work well with others. All these tips and pointers have come from professionals that are in the field. Overall you have to prove you have the skills and ideas to take your employers company to the next level!

Just make sure you don’t let the + graduation time go to waste and find a job that will allow you to grow, learn and be a fun while tough challenge!


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