A True Fiasco

Mainstream music as a whole has become something without meaning, caring and instills bad values in kids. However, a somewhat mainstream rapper Lupe Fiasco took a different and in my opinion, favorable route in his new album Lasers.

His song Words I Never Said, deals with politics, media and society as a whole. It calls out monopolies, news stations and Islam. His message in this song is unique and its not only unusual but refreshing to see a rapper who actually cares about this world instead of taking about parties and girls .

The music video is a bit dramatic but fits great with the lyrics and really makes you think about different topics. He is actually Islamic and calls out terrorist organizations as well.

In my opinion some of the lyrics are a bit over the top but most of them hit home and make you realize how important it is to speak up than to not speak at all! Especially when he talks about his problem, which is that he is peaceful and that he believes in the people.  He also instills the belief  that silence is worse than all the violence.

This song is lyrically amazing and does call out some serious problems that are taking place in our world today. The most important part to remember is that its all our responsibility to speak our mind. With his new CD Lasers he makes his opinions known and accepts who he is and he made sure his music has meaning behind each and every word. So do you think he went over the edge or made complete sense?


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