Secrets don’t make friends

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The world we live in is always moving and there is little room for privacy. Off the record used to be an idea that if you were not around camera’s or those in the media field you can say what you want without being criticized for it publicly.

Today people can easily hear everything you say. Through social media one bad impression of a person or company can be posted online and hundreds of impressions will be made by there friends and family that view there page consistently.

There are 5 simple rules cited by Gil Rudawsky:

1) “Off the record” is not considered off the record anymore

2) Never say anything to a reporter that would make you look bad

3)Temper your comments in public places

4)After you are done speaking to a reporter, make sure they are not continuing to listen, through an open mic or otherwise

5) Finally, it’s best to keep to simple—and noncontroversial—topics, especially during sound checks

These rules are essential to follow for not only politicians and celebrities but ourselves as well. When we walk to class we hear people say ridiculous things, now they are off the record, but we will always remember or at least have an idea of what was said. After all there really are no places for secrets anymoree because one wrong word or phrase can put you in a terrible situation.


2 responses to “Secrets don’t make friends

  • Guest Blogger: Joe Citro | alexalinngardner

    […] This week, I wanted to share an awesome post by my class mate and good personal friend, Joe Citro. Joe is a senior advertising major and he will be completing his undergraduate career by graduating next week! This post, about the consequences of social media in making everything available to the public, provides rules to follow to make sure your business or image isn’t stained by an “off the record” comment. Good post, Joe! The original blog can be found here. […]

  • Shanti

    This is knowledge!! I mean just think about how many recent incidents could have been avoided if people would have know this information in this post! Kobe Bryant, Chris Brown, Kanye West…Just to name a few! This something like you mentioned EVERYBODY should know! This is a great post!
    KUDOS frm a cautious Vixen

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