Wanted: Viral Video’s

An average everyday joe can post a video on YouTube. However, the question you have to ask yourself is how do video’s like David after Dentist and others become so popular?

In my opinion its because you relate to them and it reminds you of some past story and triggers your emotions. Some videos have humor, others are scary and some make you sad. Either way you are attached to that video for a reason.

As we can see in this World of Warcraft video they use humor and play up the obsession that people have with the game. Its simplicity applies to its success by having over 24 million views and in a way promoted the game. This was one of the first “viral” videos I’ve ever seen and still to this day makes me laugh!

This other video shows that anyone can make a viral video and become a star. This young kid, Keenan Cahill has become an internet sensation. He has done videos with the New York Nicks, David Guetta  and 50 cent. He is from Chicago and started off by lip-sinking to popular pop songs and making faces while singing. People can relate to that feeling of letting go. He also has Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, which gives him a dwarf-like appearance but this also makes him an inspiration. His singing and continued drive to do what he loves makes him a true role model to take what you have and make the most out of it!

Viral videos are truly becoming a way for businesses and people to gain the attention of thousands. Now everyone is waiting for that time where a camera will capture an unforgettable moment, which when posted online gains enormous notoriety.

My advice is to not forcefully make a viral video but rather come up with a good idea and strategy that connects and triggers peoples emotions and that is unique yet simple and gets your message across. If people do that there video may not be as prominent as these videos above but will definitely gain notoriety.


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