Flippin Out!

There is no doubt that the Flip camera has become quite a common commodity! With its small size and reasonable price  it allows you to do some great work when filming projects and presentations.

However, people have questions like how do I improve ROI when using a flip camera for a professional video? How can I fit these videos into my communication strategy? When using a flip camera how do I create videos that engage and inspire employees?

Never fear, Drew Keller who is an award winning television producer and editor will run a four hour workshop for people who are looking for answers to the previous questions. This workshop will allow you to learn a great amount from what equipment you need to get started to how to find the shot that says it all.

The workshop is hosted by Regan Communications and will take place on May 23rd at the Sprint Headquarters in Kansas. This would be a beneficial and essential workshop to those interested in film. I would encourage everyone to at least have some experience behind a camera because you never know when you will be behind that lens filming what could be an unforgettable moment!


One response to “Flippin Out!

  • emilyyehia

    Great post Joe! I have never used a flip camera before, but your blog has inspired me to try one out! I feel that I could benefit from learning how to use a flip camera because it’s really important to stay up to date with all the technological advances in the PR world!

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