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Credit to Professor Kern

In watching the interview with Kneale Mann it taught me many new ways I can improve my use of social media! As a person getting ready to go out into the work force social media is something that will be around for a while.

I learned that there are similarities in working in the private and public sector.  Both groups are in the process of developing social media policies while gaining and retaining new business. Over the past few years PR professionals are now in charge of mixing PR and social media together to get there message across.

The numbers should not be your main focus, you should however talk about something you are passionate about and that truly interests you. When you target a specific group these people will continue to read and follow you which over time will increase readership. When you post your blog on facebook and twitter you will also gain more readership.

Through blogging and commenting on blogs you will gain business experience.If you spend enough time finding a circle of interest  you will have an easier time starting the conversation.  Most of all ask and then listen to what people, especially experienced people have to say.

What surprised me was how essential micro-blogging can be in promoting companies. The price of admission for readership is contribution to other people’s blogs.  The circle of influence can be anywhere you want from different states to different countries.

I would like to learn more about the overall social marketing polices and what the specifics of them entail. I also am interested in knowing what some of the South by Southwest events will be next year. It seems like an important event for someone who is just getting out of college.

I do have some questions which I know will be answered over my blogging experience. At times I’m sure its difficult to embrace the conversation and during those times how do you increase readership? Would you recommend blog buddies to be of similar age or those outside of it that are in the professional world? But overall blogging has changed the way we interact with each other on the internet and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.


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