Like it, Love it, Bookmark it!

About two weeks ago I heard about a site called diigo which is a social bookmarking site. So what is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a way to keep track of your favorite sites in one place and have specific tags which organize them and allow you to store thousands of bookmarks while being able to find a site in about thirty seconds. You can use this tool with any topic.

For example it can be used when you are researching information for a paper and after finding the best websites you designate all those sites through one tag to make life easier.  This is an amazing organizational tool for college students, businesses and professionals.

Currently, one area of my diigo account has all the social media sites I use and its all in one place! I have even bookmarked news that has been written about me in the newspaper. Its a great way to manage all of your professional sites.

At the same time you can use it to bookmark favorite videos, funny websites and is a great way to stay on top of what the media is saying about your favorite sports teams or bands, people even bookmark other peoples blogs.  In my opinion the best part about the site is that you can make some bookmarks private and your account can also be viewed by other people, which allows those working in a group to view your bookmarks.

Businesses can use this when coming up with a competitive overview. Each worker can contribute by putting up competitors website, social media sites and current news about there company and trends in the industry. This will allow everyone to view the information while being able to break up the work and get everything done in a sufficient amount of time.

I would really encourage people to get some sort of social bookmarking site because its already been so much easier and so much better! But that’s just my two cents any objections?


2 responses to “Like it, Love it, Bookmark it!

  • allie3dunne

    I also had never heard of Diigo before taking this class, but after playing around and using it I really find it extremely helpful. For our communication research class I know that sites like Diigo and other bookmarking sites will be extremely helpful. I know that when finding numerous research articles it can be very hard to keep everything organized.
    I really liked that video you choose to put into your post, it was helpful and interesting.

  • Shanti

    Unlike you & Allie, I had heard of Diigo…I actually use Delicious and have been since I first met Professor Nixon last year. Bookmarking is very useful and it helps me a lot when I am doing group work. Its easy and keeps everything organized not to mention easy to share. Most sites have a button so that u can easily bookmark something. This is an interesting post!

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