Time is running out

Photo by Matthew Keegan

The interview process

For myself as well as thousands of other college students we are having an epiphany, that college graduation is a month away. So now we are realizing that its time to grow up but we always have questions like what to do? Where to go?  Should I try to find a job and move somewhere? Or just never leave college? However, the most important question is how to sell yourself when you get asked to interview?

Even though the job market is hard for us coming out of school, there is so much room to at least make connections and get involved in our field. Now once we get that phone call or e-mail we should not only be excited but confident. The one area most undergrads lack when interviewing is in confirming there writing skills and being able to communicate effectively.

When taking a job in the public relations field writing is something that you use every day in e-mails,proposals, strategic positioning, coming up with pitches and writing down ideas. In order to keep everyone on the same page what you write has to not only make sense but be able to inform you of every thought that came into your head the first time you wrote the document.  Once you become an excellent writer you will be the one running those creative teams and working hand in hand with the principals. So there is hope for us we just need to have the drive, determination and skills to get us there!


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