Its Game Time

Its March, which in college means its time for another year of Madness.  The next month will be filled with sold out games, cheering fans and everyone filling out a bracket, which has been written on, crossed out, redone and finalized. Now of course you can’t expect to be a true part of the madness without social media.

There has been hundreds of blogs with advice from amateurs and professionals, tweets from sports journalists, facebook pages with brackets that you can fill out but now they have mobile apps that will keep you in the action. These apps include March Madness on demand, Bracket Bound and Sporting News.

March Madness on demand allows you to watch games streaming from your phone, player stats, in game highlights and a breakdown of the bracket. Bracket Bound allows you to receive the news and analysis you need to break down your bracket so this way you can check your bracket anywhere you go! Sporting News is also very informative and allows you to follow your favorite team.

Last year I had three games going  at one time and I can’t wait to see what this year holds especially with these new apps. You can tell that even sports are being influenced by technology and the best part is that they are all free!  The question is are you ready for the madness?


One response to “Its Game Time

  • courtneysturgill15

    I really enjoyed reading this post! As a huge college basketball fan, I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to stay connected. Of course, this year is no different and I will continue to follow each game to compare to my own bracket. I was not familiar with Bracket Bound before reading your blog, so now I will definitely be checking it out to see what all it has to offer!
    This year is extremely special because my sister and I have tickets to the Final Four in Houston! March is definitely the best time of year in my opinion! 🙂

    Bring it home, Kentucky! BIG BLUE NATION!

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