The Floor is Yours (Part 2)

When the floor is ours we can truly make a change and position ourselves to get a job. I had given a few reasons why PROpenMic is beneficial but since some of you might not be convinced the site does have more! It has events, forums and videos.

The events are conferences and workshops that take place all over the country. The conferences range from overall public relations to social media to blogging conferences. The workshops include ways to get your name out there and utilizing tools to better reach your target market.  Webinars are also another part of it and allow people from all over the world to stay informed and connected without having to go anywhere. The forums discuss certain trends and topics that have conflicting views. Some of these topics are PR vs. Marketing and how you evaluate a successful press release. These questions are important to know before getting into the PR and advertising world because you should want to hear the opinions of professionals and why they think that certain way.

Of course no site that involves PR and advertising can forget a video section. However, this section of the page allows you to post videos you have created while also filling you in on professional tips, showing you some new and unique ads and the videos review key information from conferences.

All of these forms of communication not only allow you to learn what is going on in the professional world but to network with specific individuals which could lead to a possible internship or job! This site truly can get you from knowing only certain people in your area to developing connections throughout the country and the world. The only thing you have to ask is are you willing and ready to take on the challenge of a job in an ever changing and exhilarating environment like public relations or advertising?


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