The Floor is Yours (Part 1)

Man talking into megaphone

Man talking into megaphone

I recently just signed up on a site called PROpenMic. I  heave never heard of the site but I was recommended to check it out and in doing so it has been a great tool to use! It allows you to find internships, connect with other students, and posts whats new in the industry. All of these tools can assist you in many different aspects as a undergrad or a grad student.

The site has internships posted from all over the country. Today its hard to look at a job search engine and specifically find one that specializes in public relations jobs, not to mention the types of specified jobs within the public relations field. This site breaks down the internships and jobs giving you key information like who to contact, your responsibilities and what exactly they are expecting from an intern or employee.

Students can add each other as friends and can talk to other students and build key relationships which could lead to potential internships and jobs. The best part is that this site has students from all over the world, from Florida to Australia.

Today employers are looking for skills and personality but they also want to make sure that the students coming out of school are knowledgeable about what is happening around them in the market. These articles include stories such as  business deals, social media sites and overall what is happening in the world of advertising and public relations.

I truly feel with social media and sites like this we are able to speak our mind and make a name for ourselves. To some of our peers it may be hard to get the attention of future employees but showing our drive and dedication through sites like this will get us a job. The floor is ours and its time to say why you should hire me loud and proud!


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