Viral videos have worked wonders for brands but what happens when you  make a video and try something new, different and also unique? It also goes viral! This past week Jennifer Aniston did a spot for SmartWater combining every type of viral video into one masterpiece.

This ad is one that required very little creative ideas and just made a mix of past viral video concepts which included  your usual sex,funny, cute, to ridiculous appeals to keep you interested. The ad targeted these concepts and made fun of other approaches that have somehow become popular.

The commercial starts with the one and only Keenan Cahill who has become an internet sensation with his lip sinking, immediately grabbing your attention.  As it continues  you can’t help but laugh and enjoy it. The video has already over five million views on youtube!

Personally I think it is a little bit uncreative but I love it! In a unique way it is brilliant, especially when she states why she is making a video that “turns into a virus.” I think the company is taking a step in the right direction and is getting there competitors such as Evian and Aquafina’s attention.  I think it was a big success overall for a market that advertises through traditional media. So has advertising for water gotten smarter?


4 responses to “Get…Smarter

  • megangetter

    Great post on the Smart Water video, Joe. I think you make a good point that Evian and Aquafina are going to have to set up there game to match Smart Water’s success. I think that viral videos have to be part of a larger campaign. I wonder what will be coming next. Maybe a Facebook page?

  • mallory898

    I have not seen this video until now! That was hilarious! With that many hits, Smart Water is going to give brands such as Evian and Aquafina some competition. Using a celebrity like Jennifer Aniston is a great advertising tool because people are bound to go out and buy the product because a celebrity is trying to sell it. I agree with Megan as well. I think a Facebook page is probably next.

  • emilyyehia

    Joe, what a great post! I thought it was very clever that Jennifer Aniston made it known to her audience that her mission is to create a viral video. I did find it ironic that Smart Water incorporated dancing babies in the video because in 2009 Evian had a running “Evian Babies” campaign that gained over 36 million hits on YouTube.

  • alexalinngardner

    Look at you Joe! You’re such a smartie. This post was awesome, I never saw this commercial until now and I am glad that I did. There is no doubt that the power of viral videos is incredible, and for Smartwater to try and recreate this feel with an advertisement is really creative! Keenan Cahill was a nice touch! Good job!

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