You know You “Like” it!

A true dream took place this past month for fans of  Taco Bell. They have been accused of not using real beef but they quickly silenced the media through the use of facebook.

An Alabama law firm filed a lawsuit against the company saying that the taco beef is made up of less cow and more filling and seasonings. Once  this suit took place media outlets erupted condemning Taco Bell.

Taco Bell had a quick and swift response and used traditional media to reject the suit saying that there is more beef than the suit states.  The print and radio ads did gain some notoriety but social media did the job and silenced all the critics. Taco Bell came up with a brilliant idea and said that anyone who liked Taco Bell on facebook would receive a free beef taco from Feb. 8th to Feb. 15th.

This allowed true fans to be rewarded for there continuous loyalty and got people talking through social media to become a fan. The results were unbelievable! They gained 250,000 more fans and supposidly gave out 10 million tacos in one week. This is only one part of a large campaign to refute the lawsuit.

In my opinion this shows how powerful social media can be if implemented correctly. They reached out to there fan base, asked for help and let the fans to do the talking.  So how much do you “like” social media?


2 responses to “You know You “Like” it!

  • Shanti

    Interesting…I love Taco Bell so I wish I wouldn’t have missed that free taco deal!! But seriously this is great. I think Taco Bell has gotten a lot of bad press in the past years and I’m glad they are learning to control it. I think it was brilliant to use social media! I totally agree with you about how powerful social media is. If it helped with something like this I wonder how many more companies will follow suit? What can I say they are really using the groundswell!!
    Great post…KUDOS!!

  • kaylacancelmo

    I agree with Shanti, I love Taco Bell. I think by adding the “like” button on Facebook has benefited many people, including Taco Bell. I saw this special deal Taco Bell was offering and was instantly excited. They handled the situation well and were clever about it. I agree with Shanti again on the fact that Taco Bell has gone through some rough times with the media and the accusations on a finger being in Chili. This time around Taco Bell reached out to their audience in the right way to silence others who were talking bad!

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