Another Trick in the Bag

One of the most important goals of advertising and public relations is to connect people to a product. In previous posts I have discussed how important this is to gaining and retaining new customers. Another way companies have used new types of media to gain attention is to make a podcast.

A podcast allows you to stream a series of video or audio files which are released through episodes and are downloaded periodically.  Podcasting is continuing to be developed but has gained a wide amount of acceptance.

Some companies that use podcasts range from big businesses and health care giants to small entrepreneurial companies. Overall it allows you to reach the masses and gain new prospective customers.  Companies love its versatility and reach.  It targets everyone, is inexpensive for the company and is convenient for the consumer.

benefit of podcasts are that it allows business to have customer support podcasts which allows companies to answer frequently asked questions about particular products.  It also can be more personal and they will read and reply to any e-mails or questions you may have when recording an episode.

Another benefit is that it leads to a great amount of publicity.  It allows you to speak about a particular product and why it is unique. Press releases can also be added to an online directory of podcasts which will increase attention and views. Companies can also mention product launches and increase knowledge about upcoming events.   You can also inform people of other media’s that are publicizing your company which will lead to more customers and site traffic.

The best part about podcasting is that you can have as many channels as you want. You can also use a podcast to place ads for your products.  This is ingenious and will continue to emphasize your brand. Just like any type of media you use it needs to be very creative, with podcasts the more creative you are the more listeners will continue to tune in which in turn leads to them publicizing events for you and then become a weekly viewer.


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