One for the Books

Walking down the Red Carpet

This past week I was able to attend the Addy Awards here in Polk County. The Addy’s are awards given out to the top advertisements that professionals have created throughout the year.  There is also a student category which I submitted an entry for a brochure.

The event itself was very successful and was a wonderful opportunity to network with local professionals. I was one of five students that attended the event. This year instead of the usual nice dinner and black suit event they had a Rockstar theme allowing professionals to dress up and have some fun at the awards!

It was a great opportunity to see what work is being done and what is considered a Gold Addy. Throughout the night awards showed true creativity and exceptional work and then it hit me. Every ad professional is a small part of the team  that produces a true work of art with a powerful message behind it and even though they are competitors at times they all are friends and respect each other because all the work produced has its unique WOW factor.

The beginning  video of the awards  gave us a few laughs to settle our nerves. When it came to the Student Category I received a Silver Addy and was overjoyed. The best part was having all the professionals come and congratulate me from all different agencies.  I even have a press release written on me about the award! It was definitely an amazing night and will be one I will never forget!


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