I’ll Be Checking In..Thanks

Oh man just one more day and I’ll be the mayor!

This is what I hear day in and day out about a new social media called foursquare. This is a location based networking site. The application is on smart phones and allows people with GPS enabled services to check into locations. You in a sense “unlock your world” as the company says.

Yes it is fun but how much is too much? Currently “checking in” is more than a habit…it’s an addiction. Don’t get me wrong I think it is a great idea and companies can truly take advantage of this social media. However, I feel that it is somewhat of a fad and will eventually die down.

Some advantages of foursquare are that you can see where friends are in relation to you. It also allows people to make comments on a company or service that may not be very well known. Companies have used this to their advantage by offering specials on drinks and appetizers if you show that you have checked in.

You can also make a destination such as your house. The good news is that check in spots are reviewed and people can flag fake spots.  Badges are given when you check into places, for example  your earn a badge when you check into a spot where fifty or more people are at.  Once you have so many check-ins you become the mayor.

Some disadvantages are that it’s a distraction. My friends look and check into areas surrounding them while in class. Not to mention that people can see where you check in, which in my opinion in a bit strange.  Also some areas you can check into are other people’s personal space such as a bathroom or living room of a house.

The idea in itself is great and as long as it’s implemented correctly it will be successful. A company has a chance to also gain new customers and participate in this type of social media. However facebook is getting into the fad with Facebook Places and Gowalla is another competitor but  foursquare is still growing and the battle between the three continues! So all that’s left to know is what’s your next destination?


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