Following Tradition

Let the Debate Begin

As social media increases people are starting to wonder, should I even try to follow or use traditional media to market a product?

The answer is yes you definitely should.  Traditional media usually consists of using these mediums to gain attention:  television, print, radio, direct mail and outdoor.

Social media is gradually taking over but I believe traditional media will always be around.  PR and advertising professionals should realize that most large companies set aside millions of dollars for traditional advertising. Of course today new and different ideas will let you grab and gain more attention but traditional media still holds the most weight.

Some of the most important factors to take into consideration when evaluating how effective traditional media is the fact that traditional media reaches a mass audience and helps get messages that are created to reach the whole country.

Traditional media has been around longer, is easily recognized and can be applied just about anywhere allowing it to gain many impressions. For example people know what the top local news station in their area is compared to the person that posts the most you tube video’s in their area.

The most important reason for why traditional media will still be influential is that social media depends on it and vice versa.  Traditional media allows you to gain notoriety and social media backs that up by allowing you connect and form relationships with possible customers.

After all the word traditional is used for a reason and I believe it’s because traditions never go away. Just like the fact that traditional media will always be around even when social media has more influence.


One response to “Following Tradition

  • jonathansantana

    In today’s age technology is taking over everything but I agree with you about how traditional media still has an important factor on the way things should be done. Mail, radio and television ads have been around for years and have been proven to work multiple times. It is a format that has been through the years and is still going strong. The use of traditional media will always stick around.

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