Play it and they will come

Donovan and Calipari on College Gameday

Its 5:43 am and I’m outside of the O’Connell Center getting ready for the UF v. Kentucky basketball game. Next to me are kids watching star wars and on the other side kids are sleeping but the truth us we are all dedicated fans.

Being out here has shown me one thing, people will do anything to support their team! A kid that I was talking to said he missed a 9 am final last semester but he was here at 4 am for a basketball game. I then asked myself why support a team and wake up this early to stand in line for hours?

I realized its cause a team is part of us, we cheer and scream for them because they inspire us to be better, test our faith in trying times, but most of all they show us that dedication and hard work pay off.  As I sit with the other students waiting outside in the cold there is a feeling of yes we can do it , we can win and that’s what I love about college basketball.

On any day someone can prove that even though they may not be ranked or a favorite when playing against the best they can still win because they have the heart and willingness to outplay the other team.

I also realized that we are an enormous part of a team, we truly are the 6th man. As fans we support them, love them, believe in them and inspire them to be the best and beat the best! Its 1 minute till game time, the lights are off, this place is bouncing, everyone is jumping and ready to go… let’s do this!


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