Secrets are dead

I have just recently heard about the controversy over wikileaks. It is a group of journalists and media correspondents from all over the world whose goal is to reveal any and all unethical behavior of governments and corporations. They believe there should be no secrets and that the public should know what is happening in their backyard.

They do read over the documents and black out any information dealing with troop movements and irrelevant information.  It’s a non-profit group of people who work all day and at night research, meet with whistleblowers and proof these documents before they are posted on the site.

All sources are kept anonymous which has allowed more and more documents to surface. Not to mention the fact that the site is hosted by a main server in Sweden and other servers in other countries and has dozens of mirror sites that connect you to the home page making an unstoppable force.

In my opinion its like a candy store for reporters. I feel that people do have the right to know what is going on and why things are happening. For me, as long as no troops or lives are being endangered I think its great! I hope this will make big corporations and governments think before they act. But remember no secret, especially out on the Internet is safe… especially now.


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