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1) Out of all the “PR Clients Bill of Rights” the 9th one is the most important to me. You want to have a great relationship with those managing your public relations efforts. in order for this to happen you want to make sure that those doing all your PR share the same passion and dedication as you. I’ve worked in groups where people don”t care as much and unfortunately the group as a whole loses interest and doesn’t reach there full potential. Passion and hard work are my key ingredients to success! Great read and article!

2) I first wanted to start by saying I couldn’t agree with you more on the fact that comments show you care. I’ve learned that blogging is a great way to get your message across and when people comment it shows that you have influenced them and given them food for thought! Excellent job!

3) As I read this I was beyond shocked. I had heard about companies that do this, which I feel is very unethical and creates more problems in a society where divorce and now affairs are becoming acceptable.  I think it is great that these big media companies are sticking to there guns and saying NO!

4) This commercial was also one of my favorite ads during the Superbowl. The one thing Budweiser has done well is to brand themselves as the “Superbowl king.” Every year a new and creative Budweiser ad makes you laugh and this one took a very different approach but left you laughing and wanting more!

5) I do agree completely with what you said Godaddy always sells sex. Right after that ad played I had a friend say, “so what do they do?” The ad itself was just to over the top for me. It’s interesting because now ads use comedy to reach their customers rather than sex appeal but both do work and continue to be effective.

6) Lets Play Foursquare by Emily Yehia:

Lets play Foursquare

Emily I think you are correct in the belief that foursquare can lead to stalking. But on the other hand its such a great tool for business to utilize! Stores that may never have been popular now have the opportunity to be publicized which leads to more customers! A post well written!

7) Social Media Bookmarking and Diggo by AlexaLynnGardner:

I think you are completely correct in saying that Diggo is a great tool to use!  When I first signed up I was hesitant but playing around with it has lead to me to realize how valuable it can be and I think its something most students should use. In my opinion once more people find out about social bookmarking it will catch like wildfire!

8) Melo Drama: take 1000, action! by Rants and Ramblings

Great post! I will totally agree on how ridiculous some of the reporters are today when it comes to  player trades. We saw it last year with Lebron and how much speculation and analysis took place, it was like the world was going to end!  For me I don’t even pay attention to the media until the player says something.

9) Your Time to Speak by Waves and Ripples

PROpen Mic is such a valuable asset for students. Like you said there are videos, and blogs which are really informative and deal with key issues n the world of PR and advertising. However, I really like how you can see what conferences are coming up. This is a great way to network and meet people, which can lead to potential internships and jobs!

10) International  Polo Club: Life of the Rich and Famous by Courtney Sturgill

Great post Courtney! I have never been to a polo match but it seems like quite an experience! Thanks for all the factual information; I had no idea what the rules were, that there were teams in Florida or how exactly a match even takes place! Congrats on also being published in a magazine, that’s awesome!

11)10 Quick and Useful Tip #PR  Tips from Twitter by Michael Sebastian

I think that these are all great tips. I personally feel that people at times forget that news is 24/7 like you said companies need to get there news out now! I think if people and companies utilized these tactics they would definitely see an increase in their bottom line!

12) Oh, the irony: misspells its name in a press release headline by Michael Sebastian

Before we submit anything we have every single person working on the project proof and sign off on it.  It’s ironic because every once in a while you will catch a word or phrase that people missed. Its essential to make sure people catch mistakes like this one. After all a few more sets of eyes never hurt anyone!

13)This is probably the worst music video ever—and it has 9 million views By Alan Pearcy

I completely agree. Today kids are so easily influenced by what society thinks is cool. The lyrics don’t make sense, they aren’t even fully in the car, which promotes not wearing a seat belt, and she is 13! Everything about music like this is wrong and the sad part is that young girls will follow her every step of the way.

14)Are your tweets happy or sad? Science says it matters—to brands, too

By Kevin Allen

I think overall this study does have some valid points. I think people can at times tell the difference of emotions but will definitely be able to tell the difference when sending out happy tweets. If it were my company I would want someone who was happy and always willing to help!

15) Report: 80 percent of toddlers and babies use the Internet

By Michael Sebastian

I think we all saw this coming. The statistic of 80% is a lot higher than I had ever expected however it does make sense. We are part of a world that is always online and always sending messages trying to grab attention. I wonder how long it will take these toddlers to learn social media and use it…that will be an interesting sight to see!

16)‘Off the record’ no longer applies: 5 crucial reminders for PR pros

By: Gil Rudawsky

I completely agree with the guidelines you gave in this post. In my opinion number three is the most important. If you have a stressful position they hired you because they believe that you could handle the stress and the worst thing to do is loose it in a public place.

17)5 ways great PR teams are like your favorite bands

By: Becky Johns

Great post! Its so easy to see the correlation between a band and the PR world. Just like a band, a PR firm is trying to branch out, gain attention and work as a team to build a solid reputation. If everyone ads there share and feeds off each other there is no stopping you!

18)3 social media lessons from @BronxZoosCobra

By: Andrew Hanelly

I think the idea was ingenious. I’m interested to see if the zoo will try to take over the account or delete it. The best part of it was that nobody was hurt or offended it was done effectively and created a few laughs! The real question is what fake twitter account will explode in popularity next?!

19)Study: 7 out of 10 marketers plan to increase their social media budgets by more than 10 percent

By: Michael Sebastian

This again reconfirms the belief that not only is social media here to stay but will continue to grow. Down the road I believe it will become more prominent and more common than traditional media but only time, technology and people will tell to when we arrive to that scenario!

20)Chili’s restaurant in Chicago allegedly served alcohol to a 4-year-old

By: Michael Sebastian

I would agree with just about everyone here. Three times in two weeks is beyond highly unlikely. When it first happened to Applebee’s I’m sure the managers of other national chains were informed to tell their employees to be careful and make sure you’re serving the correct food and drinks. For someone to mess up again after being informed and reminded is impossible in my opinion.

21)The Cluetrain Manifesto

By: Lexi Gardner

Great post! I think it’s essential for companies to find out what is changing online. After all today we live in a world where everything is changing and people are always adapting to news forms of technologies and social media! It’s important to know this information at a business level but also a personal level.  I’ll definitely have to check this book out!

22)Videos Go Viral

By: Courtney Sturgill

I love these two videos. In my opinion viral videos succeed because they trigger an emotion and relate to a past story or embarrassing moment you have had. After all a good laugh can help anyone get over anything. Viral videos are increasing in popularity and are here to stay!

23) Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold

By: Allie Dunne

Morgan Spurlock is at it again?!  That’s great! His documentaries truly are unique and really raise awareness about an issue. This film will not only be a success but will be unique in showing how powerful advertising can be! Not to mention that the town and people are going along with this idea.

24) Bookmarks Wherever I Go!

By: Erin Says..

I’m my time using Diigo I have used it to help me with school projects and keep organized. Its been such a help and has so many cool benefits that you mention above. Overall social bookmarking is something that I think will catch on and become very popular! Great post!

25) Summer Internships

By: Emily Yehia

Being a graduating senior and having a job lined up is the greatest feeling! I can honestly say that I got the position by being assertive and networking. This includes using sites like LinkedIn to connect to those I met through friends, family and organizations. If your networking correctly you will be able to find a job in your field and gain the internships you need to get experience before you graduate.


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