All you need is a little push

Viral videos are the new wave of media where ads appeal to the possible customer and form a relationship with them. In doing this they not only pull them in but also let that person tell their friends and post the video on social media sites and before you know it your video has officially gone viral! But what makes a good viral video?

Here is an example of a video that has received huge notoriety. Its shock factor leaves people stunned and amazed, reinforcing its core concept of looking out for cyclists and how easy it is to miss them when you drive.

The overall goal of a viral video is to get people talking about your product.  They create the beginning of a relationship with possible customers. When creating a video crazy ideas will get attention. However, you need to make sure the viewer can easily make the connection between the video and the brand it is promoting, otherwise you have a great viral video without a brand behind it which does nothing for the company.

These videos are short, can be remixed and use creative elements to make it stand out while not making it an outright advertisement.When done right these videos leave viewers wanting more and use a human emotion to grab there attention.  Some top emotions viral videos target are humor, shock and sadness.  These are emotions that  will always affect the way we feel about certain issues.

Now once this video is successfully created you will need some people to start talking about it. This can be done in blogs, MySpace, Facebook, forums and all over other types of social media. Sometimes you may even have to start the conversation but once people start viewing it , believe me they will want to talk about it!

Once people start talking about it your video will spread like wildfire and the views will go from hundreds to thousands to hopefully millions!


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