Can I get you to take a test drive?

This past week one of America’s greatest sporting events took place, the Superbowl. Of course everyone knows when the Superbowl is played great ads follow, which leave people laughing and wanting more.

Your usual Superbowl spenders were present and included companies like Bud Light, Coca- Cola, Pepsi and Go Daddy to name a few. These companies spend millions on thirty seconds of notoriety. It does gain millions of impressions and has become something that people look forward to every year.

Ad agencies really try to be creative and use a different approach to make their big budget advertisement stand out from the rest. However, this year there weren’t very many amazing ads, some good, some alright and others were in my opinion horrible.

There is one that did stick out and that I truly said yes, that is what I was waiting for! It was the Chrysler 200 commercial featuring Eminem.

I believe it targeted the younger demographic of 25 to 34 because Chrysler is seen as an older persons car and they are looking to get a hold of younger demographics. This ad and the sleek yet elegant car did grab the attention of those possible customers. You can watch it below.

I believe this commercial was a huge success. It was inspirational, got the message across and truly stood out, especially from the other car ads.

It reinforced something this country lives and breathes, which is the belief that hard work and dedication will get you somewhere in life. Here are a few aspects that I feel made the Chrysler ad successful:

It was a long spot, 2 minutes to be exact. This was the only ad shown during that commercial break and was the only commercial that lasted two minutes, already differentiating it from the other ads.

The video shots and editing were spectacular and gave you a sense that you were there in Detroit and had been taken for a ride through the city. Also, the copywriter did an amazing job of coming up with words that echoed powerful images and truly grabbed your attention and inspired you to do something while reinforcing the idea that there is no other ” Motor City.”

The use of Eminem was a gutsy choice but it paid off. He was born in Detroit and lived there. Not to mention that he even worked in a car factory so he knows what the narrator was talking about and truly lives out what the commercial was emphasizing.

They used one of his most recognizable and noticeable songs “Lose Yourself,” from the movie “8 mile”, which is based on his life in Detroit. This song is inspiring, uplifting and was a great musical selection to reinforce the images and narrators words.

The close of the ad shows the car speed off and says “Imported from Detroit”  along with the new Chrysler logo. It was a wonderful ending leaving people wanting more as well as reinforcing the fact that Chrysler cars are made right here in the USA.

The overall feel and concept of inspiration was intricate in its success. This commercial had every part needed to make it a masterpiece. The creative concept did its job, the video and words spoke magnitudes and it made you want to go out and at least give the car a test drive.

For me this commercial broke through the ad clutter and was the BEST Superbowl ad. It stepped up the possibilities and I hope those in the process of making commercials for next year take notes cause this ad was unforgettable.


2 responses to “Can I get you to take a test drive?

  • allie3dunne

    I completely agree with your opinion that the Chrysler commercial featuring Eminem was extremely powerful. It definitely did stand out so much because it was a two minute spot, and not just a short 30 second spot that can be easily overlooked. I feel that the demographic Chrysler was attending to reach was a younger audience because that’s no who usually buys Chryslers. So even though using Eminem was Gutsy it definitely worked because he is so well known for growing up in Detroit and having a rough childhood. I thought this commercial was brilliant and the creative team undeniably did there research well and it paid off.

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