Search Engine Says

Let’s face it Google has transformed the way we look and find information. However, how far is too far when monitoring social media? Everyone has their own philosophy but here is my take on the issue.

You are in charge of monitoring your social media. When people Google you they want to make sure you will have a positive and bright image and will uphold certain values of a company.  Also if you decide to make something public you should understand the possible implications and make sure to constantly review what is out on the internet about you or those with the same name.

I do believe that companies have the right to look at all material that is posted publicly. However, when a company tries to hack or hacks into your profiles to view your information that is highly unethical. They should understand that you want to keep that part of your life personal and private which has been an issue that is overlooked constantly.

The company or people looking up information should only use information that comes from credible sources. If they find information that portrays you in a negative light but is not you or maybe is not accurate it shouldn’t be mentioned because that automatically hurts your chances of being hired.

As I have grown to love and adapt to social media I have used keywords to make my name stand out and differentiate from those that have the same name that I do.  When you type my name into Google with only 3 more specific yet simple keywords I take up the top 5 results and the top 3 out of 6 images are actually of me.

The key is to let who you are and the social media you use make the top of the list. When you do this it allows others who are looking for the real you to find information about you easier and shows them that you are very knowledgeable about social media.

When this material is posted you need to constantly check and make sure that other people are not trying to hurt your image and that everything you decide to leave out to the public is something that shows professionalism and shows your values in one way or another.  Let that search engine say you should hire him and let these sites show why!


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