What to watch today…

As we all know YouTube allows anyone to make a video on any topic but how do you grab attention and get people to watch your video? There are many ways to gain views to your YouTube videos.

In order to implement successful videos you need to use keywords and tag the video appropriately which will allow people who are looking for your video to find it easier. When you start tagging make sure it’s something that is effective yet simple and easy to remember.

The video posted was one with the title Mockness Monster, already setting it apart from other monster related videos.  It’s memorable and easy to say and write!

One of the most important tools is the Youtube Insight. This allows users to view statistics about the video they upload and shows those evaluating  it to see if it is targeting the correct group and what changes can be made.

You can also promote the video which will allow you to increase in viewership and will help you gain attention.  Draw people into your channel and make it more than just a one stop video but a memorable and updated channel of videos!


2 responses to “What to watch today…

  • melissamrodriguez

    That video was too funny! I don’t think anyone has made and shared videos like that since Jordan Stout graduated. I would love to put a giant inflatable monster in the lake to freak out all of the incoming freshman next year. We would just have to make sure that the ski team doesn’t run it over. Maybe you can look into that as a senior prank or something?

  • mishkacampbell

    I love watching viral videos they’re so entertaining and most are very comedic. Sometimes people put in unrelated tags just so that they’re video will pop up in searches more often and it’s quite annoying. Companies are starting to jump on the viral video bandwagon and use them for PR purposes. Some find that it’s actually more effective than running a full campaign especially if their target audience is teens and young adults. This is one of my favorite viral videos, on YouTube mainly because of what the guy is saying and how he says it.

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