To Comment or Not to Comment?

Commenting on a blog is all about joining the conversation. It’s something that gives great feedback to the writer and  allows you to reach out to others and connect with people who you would not know otherwise.

When you join the conversation you can shed light on a certain part of the blog the writer or others commenting wouldn’t touch on. When that’s done you spark a new conversation which leads to more comments and opportunities to get to know others that continue to comment.

Giving the writer feedback and a true understanding of what they wrote will make them happy and it will allow them to be inspired to write more. When you do this people are more likely to read what you have wrote and evaluate it. Even if they do criticize you there comments should be constructive and not demeaning.  Give yourself a positive outlook and work on some areas you might be struggling on and when you improve everyone will comment on your success.

Commenting allows you to connect with other people from all over the world. The best is when people who you wouldn’t even expect to write a comment write one because it gives you new ideas and a different take on the post. For more ways to look at commenting effectively check out 10 reasons commenting is good for bloggers.

In order to write effective blog comments you should always start by being positive and acknowledging the good aspects of their writing and what areas they could look into improving.  You should also write more than this was a great article and say why you enjoyed reading this piece. After all you want to show the writer you read there post and need to make a valid point. Last, make sure to keep it simple and short while getting your point across and you will always make the decision TO COMMENT!


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