Ways I connect to the world

Every day people are always using social media to find funny videos, connect with old friends or even find jobs.  These are the types of social media I use day in and day out!

Facebook: I use facebook to connect with friends and family thats out of the state. I also use it to create events and post pictures and videos.

Twitter: I use twitter to follow bands,magazines and sports teams. I do tweet, however I mainly use it to read and catch up on what’s happening in the world.

Youtube: I use youtube to watch videos as well as post them. I watch music videos and sometimes-instructional videos.

linkedIn: I use LinkedIn to connect and network with professionals. I also use this to look for potential jobs!

My Blog: I use my blog to connect with the outside world and write about certain aspects of life. I enjoy writing and I feel that this is a great way for people to express themselves.


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