A Store on the Go

 Credit to Online Media Daily

Credit to Online Media Daily

Is mobile shopping a thing of the future? Wal-Mart and P&G beleve it could be! They recently teamed up to promote online and mobile shopping. These mobile stores are driving around New York City for the next month. You can now order a product from one of these mobile stores without even leaving for a Wal-Mart and its delivered to you free of charge.  This battles some of the issues larger companies have when starting branches in densely populated cities.

The mobile store features popular products such as paper towels, shampoo and dog food.  There are also QR codes on the vehicle to allow you to order from Wal-Mart as you walk down the street. Wal-Mart believes this will  increase the sale of  products online to better compete with Amazon.The vehicle even has a twitter page allowing followers to request a vehicle to come to their neighborhood.  To read more about the mobile store click here.

After all in a city like New York this will grab the attention of many and Wal-Mart will get their name out to the public even more through the reach of social media and online purchases within the next month. However, the question is will this be a quick fad that will eventually die out or could this be the start to the future where companies are mobile and sell people things as they are on the go?


Just a click away

As we all know facebook has continued to reign the social media world. Marketers have continued to utilize facebook ads to promote there business and get traffic to the website. However, is it really working to break through the ad clutter and connect consumers with your brand?

A recent study done by the Associated Press and CNBC has shown that 83% of facebook users never or  hardly ever click on the ads. There is also evidence that consumers do connect with brands however that does not mean they click on the ads or go to the brands website. The most difficult area to gauge is that some brands use facebook ads to drive them to another site or page but others hope to generate conversations. This study has also shown that people love to roam throughout facebook and are not as likely to leave facebook to visit a brand site. To view the specific results of the study view this page http://bit.ly/KHojc8.

I have utilized facebook ads for my company to promote our new subsidiaries however the success depended on the demographic and it still was not as successful as I would have hoped. I would encourage brands that are interested in facebook ads to utilize pages and possibly utilize ads to get people to the facebook page. This allows consumers to stay in the realm of facebook but they still can like the page and view it often.

After all its up to the consumer to click on the ad or like the page. Our goal as advertising professionals is to come up with words and images to gain there attention to click on the ad! However, I believe brands should not rely heavily on facebook ads and they need to find a way to measure the success of facebook ads. For now it seems like it may just be one to many clicks.

The Pitch: A fastball or foul ball

AMC has created a new program called “The Pitch” which details the life of advertising professionals and shows your everyday person the behind the scenes view of an advertising firm. The firms review the creative brief and put together a campign for a certian product and then pitch there concept to the company seven days after recieving the brief.

This show truly informs people about the blood sweat and tears that go into an idea. The fact is that ideas are always out there however that one idea, that one thought will put you on top of the competition because its something the other agency did not think of at all. In order to win you put everything on the line, it all comes down to the execution of the pitch and the client’s thoughts on the concept.

This show is also unique because it gives people insight about the world of advertising and how challenging it can be. The Ad world is one that gives you the highest of highs and lowest of lows but that is what makes it so exhilarating! Each day in an ad firm is a different task, a different client and a different challenge. I think this show does an awesome job of showing people the life of an advertising professional.  Every advertising professional should want to be to be part of an agency that pushes the envelope and has that one idea that stands out and changes the view of the agency and even the industry. After all its a way of life and its one that I enjoy tremendously!

Kia Kraze

Kia has been trying to actively promote its car company and make it a larger part the automotive industry. It now uses NBA star Blake Griffin to promote its new 2012 Optima. However, even though its ads are noticeable are they hitting home with consumers? Its dancing hamsters have been unique ads that people have enjoyed and loved. Not to mention that the hamsters have only been around for about  a year or two…so why this leap to a NBA Star which almost didn’t even have a season?

I believe they stand out yet is it surpassing the hamster concept? We all know that logos, concepts and ads need to change to continue to peak consumers interest but is this really the best way Kia could have gone about it? In my opinion the commercials are too much and Kia should have created a campaign based off comedy but this new campaign could be altered to relate more to everyday problems and how you overcome them, if they were even going to completely change the concept. After all there customers are simple, younger, urban and multi-culturally diverse people so I understand what they are trying to accomplish by revamping there advertising. Only time will tell if this campaign is a bust or a craze that even the hamsters didn’t see coming!

The Road


The winding road of life -GoogleImages

Being on the ground was a wide variety of experiences some good, some bad some just unsure of how to label them but overall I  learned a wide variety of lessons. The road is a true test of your character.

I’ve dealt with Public Relations nightmares, worked with people of all ages, and have given them feedback on there operations. I  have learned that every branch is different. Every single one has some problem and how you address it in the few days you have there and work with management to improve it is what makes you learn. After all I believe you learn from your experiences and how you handle them and manage them allows you to learn more. I learned that no matter what business is business and you can’t take anything personal.  People will always judge you however you need to work with them to build rapport and allow them to work with you.

I believe that time management in the professional world is one that also takes time to learn. No matter what, you need to give yourself time to not think about work and keep yourself mentally stable and not burnt out. After all when you travel and are on the road its very difficult. You always are working but you need that time to relax and talk with family and friends. 7 months into the real world this is what I’ve learned and so much more!

My sidekick

Credit to PSD Graphics

I recently assisted in planning an event for about 700 people this past weekend. The event went very well for my first event planning experience. However, here are some tools that will help keep you and I  ahead of the game. These tools are stowed away in our toolbox, our briefcase.

Business cards are essential. This past weekend I brought business cards but left some in the room and ended up running out of them till I returned to the room that night and grabbed more for the morning. Its very important to have them in your briefcase and also in your wallet. Also have a business card binder, this will allow you to keep the cards you receive organized. After all you never know who you will meet or who you may need to call.

You also need a notepad where you write down everything that takes place in meetings. A professional should want to make sure this notepad is always with you. Again you never know what idea may pop into your head. Its also essential to reference your notes because it may have vital information that can assist you tremendously. This even means a pocket notepad to keep in the car because clients may call you and it may be tough to multitask so just write it down! Make sure to also have more than one pen because they are prone to run out of ink at the worst times.

You need your confidence, willingness to learn and optimism. This will allow you to think quickly and effectively when your put into a situation. Your briefcase is your tool box to help you succeed not hide behind! So give your sidekick support after all he is your right hand man in every battle!

Marching Orders

Photo Credit: Dawn Armfield

This past week I received my “orders.” I’m going to be sent to the Midwest. Now a Florida boy in the Midwest will be interesting especially in dealing with driving in snow but I’m up for the challenge!

I’m ecstatic for the three weeks I will spend in Cleveland where I will oversee my efforts and advertising strategy as an Account Exec and will manage it on site with an apartment, office, food and war room included. That will be my first test of executing a real campaign.  I’m confident and excited to see my region. After all traveling the Midwest and being in amazing cities like Cleveland, Milwaukee and Chicago is going to be the chance of a lifetime.

By the end of this semester my skill set will have improved tremendously and I can’t wait to see where this road takes me. After all when we are stuck with a fork in the road we have to make a choice but also need to consider all the options of each one, pick the best one and never look back.

As a rookie in the job force I have learned a bunch,  but will always keep going forward and create more memorable experiences to add to the record books. After all whatever challenge we face, we have to believe in ourselves to make it better. First stop…Ames, Iowa.